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Duncan Tucker

Duncan Tucker was born in Kansas City and grew up in deep red America, shuttling between KC and Phoenix, Arizona. He fled as soon as he was able and attended several small liberal arts colleges before graduating from New York University.

He spent most of his adult life in downtown Manhattan, back in the days when it could still be called bohemian, where he wrote stories, made art, and eventually learned how to make a decent living. When decency lost its allure, he decided to combine his lifelong love of stories, pictures, and music by making a movie.

He then wrote, produced, and directed Transamerica, a feature film that owes its life to the generosity and bravery of the many trans women who shared their stories. Transamerica premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, where it won the Siegessaüle Jury Prize for best film. The film went on to garner critical acclaim as well as two Golden Globe nominations, including a win for Felicity Huffman as best actress, and two Oscar nominations. Transamerica also won the GLAAD media award and the Equality California Entertainment Award.

While the film was screening at Cannes Film Festival and selling well internationally, Duncan realized he was not going to lose his shirt. He thereupon decided to fulfill a second lifelong dream: to start a family. He now lives in Boulder, where he is busy raising three impossible children (having been blindsided by twins the second time around).

Duncan Tucker is the featured speaker at Reel Hope Boulder 2019