Abby’s Impact: Realizing Resilience

Abby's Impact: Realizing Resilience

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Abby’s Impact: Realizing Resilience is a client-centered, integrated program for young adults ages 18-26 that builds skills to facilitate resiliency and foster healthy minds. The program enables vulnerable young adults to build the coping and problem-solving skills to handle life’s challenges and reduce the likelihood of poor health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Participants work with coaches for in-depth support along with group programming that they need to better cope and function despite adversity or trauma. JFS will curate an individual approach for each young adult participant that will result in their individual growth, promote increased resiliency, and enable them to live healthy lives.

Program Components

  1. A comprehensive intake process which allows case managers and participants to determine the best combination of coaching and programming dosage to build the long-term skills to develop resiliency. This client-centered approach allows for participants to clarify their key values, challenges, and strengths and set goals for themselves.

  2. Individual, intensive coaching to promote health and well-being, increase financial skills, improve social capital (e.g., social connection, family cohesion, knowledge of available resources), and develop employability (e.g., defining career-readiness goals, participating in job-readiness classes, and providing extra supports with the employer).

  3.  Learning by Doing approach, which includes learning through experience, practicing resilience skills, and receiving feedback.

  4. Mental health counseling, limited emergency financial assistance, access to the Weinberg Food Pantry, case management, and job-readiness support as necessary.

  5. Programs include:

a. Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-by-World: This program enables participants, called “investigators,” to examine their own experiences with poverty and issues in the community that impact poverty, such as banking, housing, jobs, and transportation. Investigators assess their own resources—not only financial, but spiritual, social capital, trustworthiness, motivation, language skills, and more—and learn how to build them as part of their move to self-sufficiency. They also learn how to set goals and strategies for leveraging their unique strengths to improve other areas of their lives.

b. Bootstraps: This program assists individuals and families in managing their personal finances and achieving their financial goals. Courses include four, two-hour sessions that help participants learn how to build financial and employment stability, even with limited resources.

c. Love and Logic: This program teaches parents the balance of love, mutual respect, limits, and accountability with their children. This happens with allowing their children to make decisions, make affordable mistakes, and experience the natural and logical consequences of their actions. When this is balanced with sincere empathy, children are able to develop strategies to increase the quality of their choices.

d. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Skills Training: A psychoeducational program that uses a combination of values clarification and mindfulness strategies combined with commitment and behavior change strategies to increase psychological flexibility.

e. Career Launchpad: A series of workshops with proven techniques for individuals to search, apply, interview, and land their next career.

The program will serve 100 individuals in the first year. Each person will work with their coach to determine their goals and their customized individual and group programs, ultimately supporting them in attaining the long-term skills necessary to build cognitive and emotional fitness and strong relationships with others.

To learn more about Abby’s Impact: Realizing Resilience or to register, contact or call 720.248.4701.

To support Abby’s Impact: Realizing Resilience, please contact Jessica Zeidman, chief development officer, at 720.248.4663. 

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