Behavioral and Mentorship Services

Behavioral and Mentorship Services


Behavioral Services

The Behavioral Services department at SHALOM Denver provides individualized applied behavior analysis (ABA) services and supports to increase independence and overall engagement in daily, community, and work life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Areas of focus for this department include social skill development, helping to decrease challenging behavior, and empowering individuals to use problem solving, self-monitoring, and self-management in their daily lives. Progress is made as a team, with the needs of the individual served, as well as their family/caregivers, at the center of treatment.

Currently, adults with I/DD receive services through the Behavioral Services department, but expansion to serving children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities is planned in 2020.

For more information, contact Tracy Nelson, behavioral services manager, at 720.459.3878.

Mentorship Services

Mentorship Services are provided to program participants to promote self-advocacy through:

  • Modeling and advising
  • Instruction
  • Resource development
  • Exploration of interests and opportunities to participate fully in the larger community

Services include assistance with:

  • Interviewing potential service providers
  • Understanding complicated health and safety issues
  • Advising about participation in private and public groups of choice

For more information, contact Leah Wing, workforce development manager, at 720.459.3885.


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