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Monday, April 27, 2020

You Can Count on JFS

Heather Seiden, JFS employment program coordinator, doesn’t often hear from her clients after they have received services or gotten the jobs they wanted. She was recently surprised with a heartfelt email two years after she last worked with “Sarah.” Heather says, “This was a lovely reminder that the work we all do makes a difference.”

Hi, Heather.

I thought of you this morning as I began my second day as a full-time employee at a large financial services company after contracting here for two years! I am thrilled and unbelievably grateful. It is the first time I have been a full-time employee since my daughter was born more than 21 years ago.

I am grateful for the help you gave me with my résumé and most of all with giving me hope and confidence in rejoining the workplace after my divorce. I was so frightened of the future when I met you. I doubted that I could ever be hirable and of value to society. You gave me hope and a beautiful résumé format that I can't help but think contributed to where I am now.

If you are ever wondering about your place in this world and if you are doing the right thing, remember me and remember that you are.

With much love and gratitude,


Heather teaching a job classJFS has successfully provided employment services long before the COVID-19 crisis and continues to support job seekers during this time. While working remotely, our staff members are providing coaching via phone, email, and video conferencing on how to prepare, organize, and execute a successful job search. They are staying connected to clients through their job search process and helping them find jobs, fine-tune their résumés and cover letters, practice interview skills, and more. In addition, we will begin offering virtual job coaching classes in May.

We’ve helped the community in myriad ways for nearly 150 years and will continue to adapt to meet changing needs. One thing remains constant—we are here for anyone who needs help.

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Thanks to so many generous donors, we met our matching gift goal of $100,000 provided by Elaine and Max Appel! These gifts will be used to provide food, mental health services, and emergency financial assistance to the community. The need for support is great as the demand for services increases and the cost for the food pantry is $20,000 per week. Please help by donating now.


META DESCRIPTION: Before, during, and after COVID-19, Jewish Family Service of Colorado is here for the community. Read a heartfelt email our employment program coordinator received from a client two years after she last worked with her.