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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Support in the Aftermath of School Closures

Support in the Aftermath of School Closures

As you may know, many school districts in Colorado canceled classes today while law enforcement searched for a young woman accused of making threats to carry out an act of violence against schools in the Denver area. Thankfully the search for the perpetrator is now over. The FBI is continuing its investigation, but law enforcement says there is no longer a threat to our schools and community.

Even though the immediate threat has dissipated, this situation may be stressful to some children. No child should feel they are in danger when they go to school. It can be difficult for parents and caregivers to explain to students why they could not go to school today. We also recognize it may be a challenge when children return to school. If you have children or work with students, we encourage you to have open, honest, and age-appropriate conversations with them. Be aware that children may have different feelings and emotions that can manifest in various forms over time.
Below are several recommended resources that can help with these difficult conversations:
Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (Source: National Association of School Psychologists)
Discussing Hate and Violence with Children (Source: Anti-Defamation League)
Talking To Kids About School Safety (Source: Mental Health America)
Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate

(Source: Anti-Defamation League)

We hope these resources are helpful to you and your family during this difficult time. You can also contact our Mental Health Specialists at 303.597.7777. We are here for you!