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Monday, January 23, 2017

Letter from Shepard Nevel, New President & CEO

Letter from Shepard Nevel, New President & CEO

It has been inspiring to hear from countless individuals about how much Jewish Family Service means to them and their friends and families. This is what we strive for at JFS—to positively impact tens of thousands of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds. This is the extraordinary 144-year legacy of service that the talented and dedicated staff, board members, supporters, and partners of JFS are committed to maintaining and building on.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude for Yana’s unparalleled legacy as CEO of JFS and for her gracious support and guidance during the transition of leadership. Yana’s enduring gift to JFS is both the remarkable growth and impact under her leadership and her organizational values of quality, customer service, focus (“knowing your niche”), and passionate appreciation for the staff and supporters of JFS. Yana’s eloquent description of JFS is one I embrace: “A 144-year communal tradition of helping people in need, and easing their suffering in some way. Together, we are committed to the greatest human endeavor, that of caring for one another.”

We are thrilled that Yana has expressed a generous willingness to stay engaged with JFS. That is a precious gift.

Speaking of precious gifts, I want to express how much we value and appreciate the generosity of those of you who donate your time or treasure, or both, in support of JFS’s important mission. I look forward to meeting each one of you, thanking you in person, and listening to your thoughts and input.

As we move forward, we will strive to preserve and strengthen JFS’s remarkable organizational assets while also leveraging new opportunities in the always-changing landscape of human services delivery. We are blessed to have a terrific team at JFS with deep reservoirs of expertise and a passion for our mission. We will continue the tradition at JFS of staying “ahead of the curve” through innovation and ongoing program assessment and improvement to achieve the greatest impact for the thousands of individuals and families we are privileged to serve. And we will celebrate and give meaning to the rich values of JFS—rooted in more than three millennia of Jewish history—that guide and inform our passion for service to others.

Shepard Nevel
President & CEO


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