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Monday, July 06, 2020

Homemaker Program Helps Combat Social Isolation

Homemaker Program Helps Combat Social Isolation

In mid-March when we began to see and feel the impacts of COVID-19, we made the difficult decision to suspend the homemaker service provided by our Aging Care & Connections (ACC) department. Since that time, the ACC team worked extensively to maintain contact with the older adults who typically receive homemaker assistance to ensure we understood their ongoing needs and could find ways to support them during this time.

While these clients appreciated our calls and assistance over the past few months, they greatly missed their homemakers and the service they provided. We received many requests to restart service. After putting together a plan to safely offer this service while protecting clients and staff, we resumed the program last month.

We believe this service is more essential than ever. Not only do these older adults need their homes cleaned and their laundry done, but our homemakers play a valuable role in reducing social isolation and increasing social connectedness.

Anna, or “Anna Banana,” as client Miguel Lopez fondly refers to her, has been providing homemaker services to Miguel for about a year. “I missed her when she couldn’t come due to the pandemic,” Miguel says. “She came back at the perfect time as businesses and doctors’ offices started to re-open. I don’t know how I’d clean, run errands, or get to appointments on my own. I’m very grateful for the help and companionship.” He adds, “I revere homemakers as much as any healthcare worker, as it is so important to have a healthy living environment.”


META DESCRIPTION: See how Jewish Family Service of Colorado's homemaker program not only helps older adults with cleaning, errands, and laundry, but also helps reduce social isolation.