JFS Perspectives

Thursday, October 26, 2017

From the CEO: The Power of Human Potential

Jewish Family Service serves the vulnerable in our community in myriad ways. As you’ll discover in this issue of Family Matters, we support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities at our SHALOM Denver division. There, we’re helping people learn, grow, work, engage, and realize their full potential.

As you’ll read in the Educational Stacking Cups article, SHALOM Denver partners with area businesses to perform a variety of mission-critical business functions—all while helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain valuable experience. Clients handle packaging, assembly, printing, and mailing projects while gaining valuable work skills. The goal of the program is to give our clients the skills they need to ultimately move into more integrated work settings.

You’ll also read about Stephani, an active participant in SHALOM Denver’s Arts and Community Exploration (ACE) program at SHALOM Denver. This recreational day program gives those with developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn, connect, and create. Here our clients experience the joy of creative expression and the satisfaction of accomplishment. They test their minds and bodies with exercise while learning about making healthy life choices. They engage in their community by volunteering and visiting cultural attractions. They have much to offer and we are helping them discover their boundless abilities.

We see the power of human potential every day at Jewish Family Service. Whether it’s a refugee teen succeeding in school, an older adult re-engaging with friends and family, or a single mom finding a new job so she can take care of her family, it’s all about being the best that we can be.

Speaking of human potential…we are thrilled to be honoring two wonderful members of our community, Gay Curtiss-Lusher and Sam Zaitz, at The Faces of JFS Winter Soirée on December 14. Please join us as we celebrate them and showcase the impact of JFS on our community.

Shepard NevelShepard Nevel
President and CEO