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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

From the CEO: Supporting Older Adults

In this issue of Family Matters, we’re highlighting the work JFS is doing to support older adults in our community. As baby boomers age—and seniors live longer—the demand for support services is growing exponentially. JFS remains committed to serving this population with needed support services that improve quality of life and ensure that older adults stay supported, connected, and engaged.

Jewish tradition teaches us to honor and respect our elders for their wisdom. The Torah considers old age to be both a blessing and a virtue. Older adults hold a special place in all our hearts, as they should. They’ve contributed a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice, and hardship to make our world a better place. They continue to contribute to our society and have much to offer. We owe them the opportunity to age with purpose, dignity, and in comfort. And as they become frail and vulnerable, we have an obligation to make sure they are cared for and not forgotten.

I share JFS’s long-term commitment to supporting older adults and helping them maintain their independence through the array of services offered in our Jay and Rose Phillips Senior Solutions Center. While the growth of the older adult demographic presents its challenges, it’s also an opportunity to expand what we’re doing by increasing our support to caregivers, strengthening programs focused more on prevention and less on crisis intervention, and engaging a volunteer pool to fill in the gaps of care needs. The Senior Solutions team is hard at work identifying ways we can deepen our impact on those we serve and is continually exploring partnerships and funding that improve the lives of older adults throughout the Denver and Boulder area.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the JFS programs that provide vital support services to older adults in our community. Whether it’s food and companionship for a homebound senior, homemaker services for a Holocaust survivor, or engaging activities for a group of older adults to do together, JFS is ensuring this population has the support it needs to thrive.

With warm regards,

Linda Foster

Linda P. Foster
President and CEO



META DESCRIPTION: Linda Foster, Jewish Family Service of Colorado's president and CEO, talks about the work JFS does to support older adults in our community.