JFS Perspectives

Monday, May 14, 2018

DuLaine Carmichael: Reengaged and Active at 71

DuLaine Carmichael has lived in the Edgewater Plaza Apartments for the past seven years. The building offers HUD-assisted housing for seniors, many of whom participate JFS’s Colorado Senior Connections program. DuLaine has always been an active participant in the many programs offered and built many meaningful relationships with other residents and the JFS staff.

Two years ago, Felica Goett, activity and volunteer coordinator for the program, noticed a change in DuLaine. She had withdrawn to her apartment and wasn’t interested in her hobbies, socializing, going on outings, or exercising. She was becoming more and more isolated. Felica went to work trying to identify the source of the radical change in DuLaine’s demeanor.

DuLaineFelica instantly became DuLaine’s advocate, working diligently to connect her to services she needed and helping her access benefits to which she was entitled. Felica went out of her way to see that DuLaine participated in activities and even gave her volunteer work in the office.

Felica’s efforts paid off. In a matter of months, DuLaine was back to her old self and reengaged in her life. She frequently goes to lunch and shopping with friends. She attends the weekly Stitch ‘n Chatter group and is a vocal participant in a weekly discussion group. “DuLaine once again has purpose in her life,” says Felica. “She enjoys the activities we offer and is back to working on her hobbies.”

DuLaine credits the Colorado Senior Connections program for transforming her life. “The staff made my life real again,” says DuLaine. “They encouraged me and gave me strength at a difficult time. Now my life is livable. I look forward to every day.”

The Colorado Senior Connections program works to ensure that older adults like DuLaine don’t fall through the cracks and end up isolated and alone. The program is helping seniors continue to live safely in their homes while staying supported, connected, and engaged in their community. Last year, Colorado Senior Connections served nearly 500 seniors in Edgewater and Wheat Ridge with support services, including counseling, classes, outings, wellness programs, and social activities.

If you would like to help seniors like DuLaine get the vital services they need, please call the JFS Development team at 720.248.4659 or donate online.