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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donor Spotlight: Jay and Kim Morse

Donor Spotlight: Jay and Kim Morse

There are so many ways you can give to Jewish Family Service! One easy way is to set up a monthly recurring gift. We spoke with Jay and Kim Morse who support JFS in this way to find out why they chose this method of giving. Jay is an inside sales representative for Haynes Mechanical Systems and Kim is a senior account manager with Ready Talk.

JFS: How long have you been supporting JFS?

Jay Morse (JM): My wife, Kim, and I first started donating nearly 10 years ago, but not on a regular basis. We’ve also donated some household items and volunteered to deliver Passover boxes to homebound clients in past years.

JFS: Why did you choose to start supporting JFS?

JM: We appreciate that JFS provides critical services and support to our community and it does so without restrictions on an individual's religious affiliation.

JFS: When and why did you choose to start giving to JFS on a monthly basis?

JM: Last year, we looked at which organizations we wanted to support regularly. We felt that JFS was an unsung hero in the community that we don’t hear about enough. We wanted to be able to contribute a meaningful amount and realized it would be much easier on our budget to give smaller amounts monthly that quickly add up by the end of the year. I’m a systematic person and it made sense to me to “set it and forget it”; I set up a recurring gift once and it automatically gets charged to my account each month.

JFS: Why do you continue to support JFS?

JM: JFS is a great organization that is always helping people every day, even in ways we don’t hear about. I also enjoy getting monthly thank-you calls. I’ve never experienced that with other organizations and it’s a nice touch. Sometimes I can’t answer the phone and get a lovely message and other times I spend a few minutes talking to Eileen, the volunteer who calls me. She feels like a friend, even though we’ve never met! It’s not what keeps me giving, but it’s an added bonus.

Follow Jay and Kim’s example by setting up a monthly recurring gift today! Contact Erica Cruz, development database manager, at 720.248.4618, or donate online.



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