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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Client Spotlight: Jewish Family Service in a Class by Itself

Client Spotlight: Jewish Family Service in a Class by Itself

We pride ourselves on providing professionally delivered integrated services that empower individuals to overcome difficult challenges. We love to hear from clients who have been impacted by the care they have received. One of those clients is John, who shares his experience and gratitude.

I was referred to Jewish Family Service (JFS) after calling 2-1-1 and after having received aid from other agencies to help me through a difficult time in my life. My first impression is best described as an astonishing relief. Other institutions have helped me, but not to the level provided by JFS. I have been given so much more than just financial assistance. I got a team!

The JFS team has provided me with case management, employment skills, techniques, and assistance, as well as therapy, to help me get through trying, troubling, and often discouraging times. My team has supported me when all seemed hopeless. They buoyed my spirit when it was lower than low. They have encouraged me to be positive about the things I have achieved while acknowledging and praising my efforts. My team has helped me recognize that I am succeeding, even though, at times, I could not see that success. They have been patient with me when I was frustrated and ever so kind to me throughout my experience.

My therapist is better than I have ever experienced and like none other, and my case manager has surprised and surpassed my expectations. My employment specialist has gone far above and beyond what I thought was possible. My JFS team has no equals because they are setting the bar that others wish they could reach. JFS and the team they have provided me have made me feel like a human being, not just a series of checkboxes on a form. I am joyously humbled, and I find myself struggling to find adequate words to express my gratitude, sense of relief, and the hope that they give me every day.

Jewish Family Service is truly in a class all by itself and deserves accolades by the bucketful.

Every person with whom I have interacted at JFS has been kind, gentle, and amazingly understanding. I have pondered what magnitude of thanks I could express for my team's efforts, but I get the impression that nothing more than a simple “thank you so very much” will ever be required.

So, Jewish Family Service, you have polished up my awfully tarnished view of humanity, left me with an indelible, positive impression, and, frankly, changed my life. Keep up the stellar work and thank you so very much!


By John Hinzmann, JFS client