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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Boulder JFS Family Safety Net Services: There for People in Need During a Crisis

Boulder JFS Family Safety Net Services: There for People in Need During a Crisis

Did you know that Boulder JFS has Family Safety Net services to assist older adults and adults with physical disabilities in crisis? These support services help promote long-term self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness.

Below are just a few examples of how we have helped people in the past month:

  • An older individual who is a cancer survivor received funds to help with rent.
  • A 73-year-old man who is a Medicaid resident in a long-term care community got a pair of sturdy walking boots, which was his first new pair of shoes in four years. Medicaid only gives nursing home residents an allowance of $84 a month.
  • With help from an outside grant, we helped another person obtain new eye glasses.
  • In partnership with other community agencies and grants, a 49-year-old person with a disability due to an illness is in the process of receiving hearing aids.

All clients who receive financial assistance meet with a care manager to review their budget, resources, and plans for the future. We go beyond meeting clients’ immediate need for emergency financial assistance. The people we serve through Family Safety Net funds are very appreciative of the help they receive!

If you know of an older adult in need of assistance, please call 303.415.1025 for more information on available grants, the process for receiving assistance, and information about referrals to other community agencies.

Please note: we receive a high number of calls and are not always able to respond to all requests for emergency assistance. When JFS is unable to provide direct support to applicants, due to ineligibility or lack of funding, staff helps individuals understand and access the resources available in the community.