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Friday, October 20, 2017

5th Annual Reel Hope Boulder with Bruce Vilanch Most Successful to Date

5th Annual Reel Hope Boulder with Bruce Vilanch Most Successful to Date


Award-winning Hollywood writer, actor, and comedian Bruce Vilanch entertained nearly 300 people attending the 5th annual Reel Hope Boulder, benefiting Boulder Jewish Family Service (JFS). Special thanks to generous donors who gave to support the life-transforming work that JFS does in the Boulder community to help people like Rebecca (pictured to the right). In this record year, Reel Hope Boulder grossed more than $92,000—a 22% increase over last year!

Reel Hope Boulder sponsor receptionBefore the program, sponsors took photos with Bruce Vilanch during a private reception. All guests enjoyed the sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and talking with friends before heading into Boulder JCC's Levin Hall for the main event.

JFS president and CEO Shepard Nevel and Boulder JFS manager Cathy Summer thanked sponsors for their support and shared a few stories about the people who Boulder JFS helped during the past year.

The audience was moved by an inspirational video that showcased the help Rebecca received from Boulder JFS. Joined by the staff and volunteers who work closely with her, Rebecca thanked everyone for supporting JFS and, in turn, helping her get back to a sense of normalcy and belonging.

Event co-chair Andy Miro and committee member Karli Sherwinter took the stage to present a match by Jerry and Gail Sloat. Attendees overwhelmingly met the challenge and donated more than $10,000!Jerry and Gail Sloat

Marc Sotkin, 2015 Reel Hope Boulder featured speaker and long-time friend of Bruce Vilanch, shared a few stories before introducing the guest speaker. He amused the audience with a tale of how he met Bruce at a New Jersey summer camp when they were six years old.

Audience in Bruce Vilanch glassesThe screen went up to reveal interviewer Ron Bostwick and Bruce Vilanch seated on stage for a “behind-the-screen” account of Bruce’s storied career as a Hollywood writer and entertainer. Before they began the interview, Ron asked everyone to make Bruce feel at home by putting on the red glasses on their chairs. This got a laugh out of Bruce and he retorted, “Now we’re all going to look like Sally Jessy Raphael!”

Bruce Vilanch on stageDonning one of the 1,000 funny t-shirts he owns, Bruce regaled the audience with an amusing story of how one of his discarded shirts ended up on an African boy in a Sally Struthers TV infomercial. He continued to entertain the crowd with memories of his career writing for Hollywood’s most memorable comedians, insider accounts of Oscar shows, and his experiences being gay and Jewish. He said, “When you grow up Jewish you learn that a lot of people hate you and they’re not going to help you, so you have to do it yourself. You have to take care of your own because you can’t rely on anybody else to do that. And that is also true for the gay community.” The evening concluded with Bruce answering a few questions from the audience.

Event co-chairs Carolyn Bleicher, Andy and Terri MiroThank you to more than 80 companies, organizations, foundations, and individuals that supported the event through sponsorships. Thank you to event co-chairs Carolyn Bleicher and Andy and Terri Miro, supported by Boulder JFS development associate Bonni Raderman, and the dedicated committee who helped make this the most successful Reel Hope Boulder to date!

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If you were not able to attend the event and would like to contribute to the life-transforming work of Boulder JFS, please donate online!



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